The 1st Internet Governance Forum was held in June 2015. On September 7-8, Yerevan, within the framework of the theme “Multiple National Internet Governance Approach”. The agenda of the conference consisted of the following items:

  • Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet Governance for Armenia
  • .հայ Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) for Armenia
  • Universal Acceptance: Recent Achievements
  • Digital Public Library of Armenia: a Dream or a Reality
  • Internet of Things: Big Data and Big Opportunities for Economies
  • ICANN accountability and IANA transition
  • New Media
  • Network Neutrality
  • E-tools for e-Society (Applications)
  • Children Safety on the Internet
  • Problems of the National Research and Education Network (NREN)
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Free Access to Internet Resources
  • The impact of Internet on further development of Armenian SMEs
  • Cyber Security


10 October 2018,

The 2nd Internet Governance Forum was held in 2016. October 5, in Yerevan. This time the discussion was entitled “Internet Governance for Sustainable and Inclusive Development”. The following items were on the agenda:

  • IT labor market challenges
  • Post-regulation of existing OTT services
  • .հայ IDN ccTLD update
  • Social networks as a business tool
  • Personal data protection live implementation
  • Post-Transition IANA (PTI)
  • Cybersecurity: Current key priority
  • Capacity development for IG – Learning and engagement opportunities
  • Against fake information sources

The 3rd Internet Governance Forum was held in 2017. October 2, in Yerevan. The following items were discussed on the agenda:

  • Information Security
  • Root Zone KSK Rollover update
  • IPTV, Impact of Internet on TV & Radio
  • Libraries in Digital Age
  • Rights of people with disabilities
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Open Government Partnership (OGP)
  • Personal Data Protection