Frédéric Donck

During ten years of international public policy work within the European Commission, in particular with Directorate-General for Information Society and the Directorate-General for Enterprise, Frédéric developed and advocated for numerous European policies and decisions in the convergent e-communications sector and contributed to the launching and management of Europe-wide projects in the advanced television broadcasting and information and communications technology sectors.

During the past ten years, Frederic has also been an adviser to corporate executives and boards in the telecommunications sector. A former Head of European regulatory affairs for Belgacom Group, Frédéric also worked for five years as a Member of the Executive Board of the European Association of Telecom Operators (ETNO). Frédéric holds a LLD (Law Degree), from the Catholic University of Louvain- La-Neuve (UCL) as well as a Masters in European law (LLM) from the State University of Ghent (Gand).