OTT Services

OTT Services
IPTV, Impact of the Internet on Radio and Television


Gevorg Gevorgyan, Public services regulatory commission of RA
Tigran Hakobyan, National commission on television and radio of RA
Andrey Pyatakhin, Armentel CJSC
Ruben Muradyan, Pan Armenian Media Group
Artur Varderesyan, Lawyer
Ararat Arushanyan, Armenian Association of Cable Broadcasters
Vahan Hovsepyan, RIPE NCC


Mark Grigoryan, Public Radio of Armenia

OTT services have recently been widely used throughout the world. These services are classified as follows:

  • Voice services
  • Internet TV
  • IP TV

This session is supposed to be focused on Internet TV and IP TV issues considering the following as a starting point:

1. Licensing

  • Licensing of cable television operators and electronic communication operators by Radio and Television Commission, what are the responsibilities of the content within the license
  • PSRC licensing of operators, responsibilities on content

2. Quality

  • Internet TV and IP TV quality comparison
  • Technical requirements for electronic communications operators to provide broadband Internet TV quality.

3. Copyright

  • Movies: local and international
  • Sport events
  • Concerts
  • Other audio-video products

The issue of whether it’s possible to regulate Internet TV will also be touched.