Libraries at the digital age


Tigran Zargaryan, National library of Armenia
Nerses Ter-Vardanyan, Ministry of Culture
Anna Chulyan, Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences
Hasmik Karapetyan, Municipality “City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan”
Anahit Khechoyan, Kotayk regional library


Boris Demirkhanyan, Ministry of Transport, Communication and IT
Along with the development of the Internet, when almost any information is available online in a few seconds, the society seems to be forgetting about the libraries. The session plans to have a discussion concerning the digital libraries and impact of the Internet on different libraries, particularly:

  • National
  • Public
  • University
  • Branch

Discussion about online access to printed productswill tackle the following:

  • Which layers of society has access to the literature
  • Copyright issue in the terms of online access
  • The fate of inventories
  • The need for training of librarians

The panelists will also be asked to present their vision for the future of the libraries in 10 years term.