Information Security

Information Security


Vahe Saratikyan, National Security Council
Vahagn Harutyunyan, Head of the Department for Combating Cybercrime, Police of the Republic of Armenia
Alexandra Kulikova, ICANN, Head of Global Stakeholder Engagement for Eastern Europe & Central Asia
Samvel Martirosyan, Information Security Expert
Ruben Muradyan, Pan Armenian Media Group


Grigori Saghyan, Internet Society NGO

The session will represent the components of Information security:

  • Content – internal and external challenges
  • Cybersecurity –routing in Armenia and beyond, computer systems – local and international, IoT systems

There will be a discussion around information security management issues,such as:

  • Centralized body for all components
  • Content management for separate bodies and for cybersecurity management
  • Radio, television content management bodies
  • Internet and satellite television content management body

Session participants will also talk about cybersecurity management models.

  • A centralized body for individuals and legal entities
  • A centralized body for legal entities
  • Decentralized management